Service Disruption near Ayer, MA - Update

Friday, September 15, 2023

On Tuesday, September 12th we announced the temporary closure of the route into the Ayer Intermodal Facility following several weather-related washouts reported along the route on Monday, September 11th. Efforts remain underway to restore rail service to the impacted areas; however, our rail-partner Genesee & Wyoming advises the route will remain inaccessible until Tuesday, September 19th.


At this time, the ingate at Ayer will remain closed to all shipments to include empty EMP returns. The Chicago 63rd Street ingate will also remain closed to all Ayer shipments.

We are exploring every opportunity to minimize shipment delays to include detours around the impacted area. However, some shipments will be held enroute until service is restored into Ayer.   


We are actively watching Hurricane Lee, and The National Hurricane Center anticipates the storm will begin impacting New England coastal areas Saturday morning. Currently, local forecasts anticipate heavy winds and light rainfall in Ayer, MA on Saturday and favorable conditions on the days following.


Additional updates will be provided as new information is made available.