Equipment Rates and Rules

1. Pools

TDIS may spot trailers/containers at an agreed upon location at the request of the Customer. The size(s) and type(s) of equipment to be spotted will be agreed upon in advance of creating a pool. The Customer may request changes in pool size and type on as needed. Equipment is to be used in a first in first out basis (FIFO). In lieu of a formal Customer inspection process at the pool, Thoroughbred Direct equipment records will be the standard for assessing repair responsibility at the pool location. The Customer will assume responsibility and liability for all equipment in the pool. TDIS will be responsible for all non-damage related repairs based upon AAR rules. TDIS reserves the right to enter any pool for the purpose of inventory control, and remove empty equipment as deemed necessary. See ITEM #7 for private equipment.

2. Free Time

Spotted trailers/containers will be allowed a free (non-chargeable) time based upon the day of spot plus two days. After free time has elapsed equipment will be charged at $30/day. Transfer from one pool to another without an ingate and subsequent rail movement will not be considered as a break in the allotted free time and no new free time will begin. The remainder of the free time will be transferred to the new pool location.

3. Termination of Spotting at a Pool

The Customer or their designated party shall notify TDIS when a trailer is available or is no longer needed at that pool. All pools agreements are based upon a drop and hook scenario. Per Diem on an empty unit will continue to accrue until the next load enters the pool which stops the calculation of per diem. Any trailer that has been loaded and cannot be moved at time of notification from the Customer, due to a Customer directed schedule shall continue to accrue pool charges until TDIS can reasonably take that trailer to its intended destination.

4. Pool Charges

Pool charges are assessed per piece of equipment per day after the expiration of free time. These charges apply to TDIS supplied equipment only. Equipment supplied by a carrier other than TDIS will be subject to that carrier's detention rules, regulations, and charges.


5. Misuse

A piece of TDIS supplied equipment will be considered misused when it is given loaded or empty to another carrier other than TDIS to move out of the location TDIS spotted that equipment at without our consent in advance.


6. Railroad Terminal Storage

Terminal storage is a charge generated by each railroad per piece of equipment left to sit at a ramp location past that railroads allotted free time. The free time at a ramp is based on each railroad's rules by ramp location. TDIS will pass on these charges to the customer. Weekend & holidays can affect the free time given by each rail based upon location.

Free time at these railroads may be affected by each railroads recognized holidays. If the holiday falls within the free time the holiday is not chargeable. The following is what the majority of the railroads consider holidays. See the individual railroads to confirm what holidays may apply.

Commonly Used Railroad Holidays

  • New Year's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Presidents' Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Memorial Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Independence Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Labor Day
  • New Years Eve


7. Private Equipment

The Customer shall assume all responsibility and liability for any private equipment tendered to TDIS for movement. This shall include all repairs for tires and basic maintenance while in TDIS care regardless of location.

Should it be proven that exterior body damage occurred as a result of TDIS drayage, TDIS will be responsible for that damage. This damage must be acknowledged by TDIS while the Dray is still with the unit. Any damage after a driver has left the unit will be the Customer's responsibility.

As with AAR equipment, TDIS will not be responsible for any interior damage that results from the loading of unloading of a trailer or container.