Ayer Track Outage

Effective immediately, the ingate at the Ayer Intermodal Facility is re-opened to all shipments. At 4:00pm local today, the Chicago 63rd Street ingate will re-open to all shipments billed to Ayer. The gates temporarily closed following several weather-related washouts that occurred near Ayer, MA on Monday, September 11th.


Rail Service Restored

Rail service has been restored to the Ayer Intermodal Facility following a temporary closure resulting from multiple weather-related washouts on Monday, September 11th.


Service Disruption near Ayer, MA - Update

On Tuesday, September 12th we announced the temporary closure of the route into the Ayer Intermodal Facility following several weather-related washouts reported along the route on Monday, September 11th. Efforts remain underway to restore rail service to the impacted areas; however, our rail-partner Genesee & Wyoming advises the route will remain inaccessible until Tuesday, September 19th.

Service Disruption near Ayer, MA – Ingate Closures

In an effort to proactively minimize backlog and congestion in the Chicago <> Ayer lane, and to help expedite terminal and network throughput following the restoration of service, the following ingate closures are announced:



ATLANTA, Aug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Norfolk Southern Corporation (NYSE: NSC) provided an update Monday on a technology outage that impacted rail operations:

MODAL-X UPDATE: Shipper and Receiver Now Required for Purchase

Effective Tuesday 2/8/22, customers will be required to input the facility name of both the shipper and receiver in order to purchase a pickup request in Modal-X. Having the facility names at the time of purchase will allow TDIS to more quickly and efficiently search for driver capacity, leading to improved customer response time and capacity updates in Modal-X.