TDIS Security Enhancements

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Dear Valued Customer,

This notification is to inform you of upcoming system changes to the Thoroughbred websites that you use. In order to continue to provide excellent and reliable service, we are updating the infrastructure within our datacenter that hosts our sites. As a result, you may experience the following changes which will be rolled out in the upcoming months.

Account Changes

  • All web applications will require an email address for login. If you use an email address for login today, you will not see an impact of this change.
  • All accounts will require new passwords. When rolled out, a temporary password will be provided for initial login which will be required to set your new password. New passwords will need to be 8 characters in length, contain at least one number, and have no uppercase or special characters.
  • As part of our migration, all account users will be prompted to add or update security questions. This will allow us to further protect your account, and verify your identity if needed.
  • All account passwords will be required to change every 90 days. Password changes can be completed through the application website using either the account’s existing password or by answering the set security questions.

Website Changes

  • Links to existing applications may change.

Please stay tuned for upcoming updates as we get further along in this process.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your TDIS representative or email

Thank you for your ongoing support in maintaining the security of our sites.